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Practical titbits before going to the mountains...

In the mountains the weather can change very quickly; for this reason your clothing must be proofed (against water and wind), thermal and interchangeable as well as light, easy to wear and strong.

For all excursions, even on easy paths, we reccommend boots (e.g for trekking) with Vibram soles.

Based on our own experience we can confirm that the rucksacks usually used by our clients are too heavy and often contain lots of superfluous objects, whilst the necessary items are missing. Everything, with the exception of the ice-axe, must be put inside the rucksack, starting with those which one presumes will be used less at the bottom.

Water bottle
A water bottle with a screw top is the most practical and ecological (there are no bottles to return) way to transport liquids in your rucksack. In the mountains it is necessary to drink a lot and the sensation of thirst is to be avoided as it is the first sign of dehydration, which certainly has a negative effect on physical efficiency. Very often water, especially that which comes from melting snow, needs to be mineralised with specific salt based soluble powders.

First Aid
As well as medicines for personal problems, there must also be the following items: a large elastic bandage, a roll of wide plaster, several sterilised gauzes and disinfectant wipes.

Little things
A frontal head torch with alcaline batteries is indispensible when departing before daybreak, as well as for use in a Refuge. A small well sharpened knife is always useful. When overnighting in a Refuge, a set of disposable camping sheets is an intelligent solution for those who do not want to sleep between blankets.


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