Trekking-multiple days in the mountains

Trekking-multiple days in the mountains

Nowadays Trekking has become synonymous with “walking”, along paths or mule tracks, following itineraries of varying lengths that wind their way through the natural environment, stopping in Refuges, bivouacs or inhabited areas. This is not walking for walking's sake, neither an undertaking to test your limits of survival nor of a sporting discipline where one has to reach a target; Trekking is, above all, knowing about the area that you are passing through, it is also culture and research. Trekking is an activity for all, in so much as that you can choose lovely itineraries that do not present any difficulties, so are suitable for beginners or persons that have problems dealing with steep ascents or descents. Trekking is walking in order to learn, live and be able to read the environment around us, learning to respect it and feel in harmony with it, therefore also working to create a new mentality which will result in a better balance between man and nature. The Alpine Guides organise treks of varying levels in the Brenta Group or Adamello-Presanella Group, so offering to a vast number of enthusiasts a unique occasion to learn about the 'personality' of each of the two Groups, able to enjoy their time in the mountains without being regulated by a watch, but rather by dawn and dusk, on the effort put into their walk and the rest that awaits them in the Refuge.


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