Nature excursions

Nature excursions

Nature excursions represent a happy evolution of the more traditional nature walk, and are an easy way to get closer to the mountains, and for those who are already enthusiasts, the means of getting to know even better the mountain environment in all it's complexity. Indeed it is not only about going for a walk just to see the scenery, but also, and above all, to be helped to really see the mountain environment, with its flora and fauna, so well hidden that often the uneducated eye will not see it. And it is the presence of the Alpine Guide who, apart from guaranteeing safety and a perfect programme, becomes the stimulus for paying more attention and offers the occasion for a more concrete knowledge of the mountain, that is alive not only rock. The Mountaineering school organise excursions, throughout the summer, in the splendid area of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park that are suitable for everyone. Nature excursions are the confirmation that mountains can indeed be enjoyed by everyone.


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